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I’ve spent probably around 2-3 hours on my snowhouse now. Last session from 21-21:30 (took the pictures during that session 8D) and then it had snowed into the house so I had to shovel some snow out of it. I tried stacking some lumps of snow to the side of the opening to make a wall so it wouldn’t snow so much in there but it didn’t really work.

Borrowed my dad’s headlight because it’s super dark outside and the weather is getting a bit worse, so it’s even darker than normal.

I’m trying to show how spacious it is in there by sitting in one end and placing the shovel in the other XD I guess it fits maybe 4-5 people in there.

I hope I can continue tomorrow. I don’t have any good pants to wear in the snow so all of the pairs I brought to my parents’ house are soaking wet. I’ve put two pairs in the dryer twice. My right upper arm is also very sore. Shoveling snow is not an everyday thing for me.